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Explore the collaborative persona mapper.

Create consumable visual representations of all UX research insights.

Over 150 persona attributes across demographics, psychographics & behaviors to choose from.

Share, collaborate, and iterate with all stakeholders for better UX.

Create rich persona attributes and images using generative AI.

Make UX insights actionable by assigning status & directing them to the right teams.

Prioritize persona attributes for UX decisions.

Create up to 10 personas in a single view

Enrich personas with our Attributes Library

Solicit quick feedback

Leverage AI

Assign action items

Generate persona similarity and attribute analysis

Explore Mapper

Explore Mapper

UI Reviews

Conduct UI Reviews collaboratively in no time.

Conduct UI Reviews before or after a launch and sprint releases.

Make each issue actionable by adding a severity to it.

Share feedback and solve the issues.

Assign for action and tracking progress.

Organize, filter, sort, rearrange, edit issues on the go.

Upload screens or screenshots.

Click anywhere to add an issue and its severity.

Add reasons and recommendations to fix the issues.

Assign issues to individuals or teams.

Create and share UI Review reports.

Explore UI Reviews

Explore UI Reviews

Play with the Persona Mapper and UI Reviews

Make informed decisions on feature prioritization and design.

Increase UX influence in your organization.

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